My Books

Here are the links to my two books on Amazon:

Strivings Within – The OCD Christian:
Strivings Within shares my journey with panic disorder and OCD. The book is divided into three parts, my story, how I manage my disorders and growth in the experience. The book has garnered over 100 unsolicited positive reviews, most of them 5 stars. It has been an encouragement to many people who share my disorders. Check it out by clicking the amazon link above. It’s also available in the Kindle version.

In Your Dreams:
In Your Dreams is the first of my fictional works for kids and teens who struggle with anxiety disorders. It illustrates some of the struggle’s that kids with anxiety disorders experience as they navigate school and interacting with their peers.
It’s been given the stamp of approval from my 7 grandkids who have read it, enjoyed it, read it yet again and shared it with their friends.
Check it out by clicking on the amazon link above. Also available in the Kindle version.